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About Us
Created in 2011, the ENGO Network on CCS comprises organizations coming together around the safe and effective deployment of CCS as a timely mitigation tool for combating climate change.

Our shared goals include the following:
  • Ensure that CCS is performed and regulated safely, effectively and according to best practices, in a manner that protects our climate, human health and the environment.
  • Pursue domestic and international policies, regulations and initiatives that enable CCS to deliver on its emissions reduction potential.
  • Disseminate scientifically sound and objective information on CCS technology.
  • ​Work toward common positions and responses to international developments in the CCS arena.
  • Work to phase out the construction of new unabated, conventional coal-fired power stations as soon as possible, with CCS playing a part of the solution. In developed countries, no new, conventional coal-fired generation should be constructed without CCS.
  • Work to incorporate CCS in other types of fossil-fired power generation, industrial sectors, and in combination with sustainable biomass.
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