Members Photo Gallery
Images from conferences and member annual meetings.
ENGO Booth at the 11th Annual Conference on Carbon Capture & Sequestration 2012 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA).
Members' dinner in Pittsburgh 2012.
At the 2012 COP18 Conference in Doha, Qatar. Member David Hawkins from left with Lord Nicholas Stern (author of The Economics of Climate Change: The Stern Review), Brad Page (CEO, Global CCS Institute) and Claude Mandil (Former Executive Director of the IEA).
Members gather in front of the Edinburgh Castle (Edinburgh Scotland, 2013).
Members' and local academics' dinner in Edinburgh Scotland 2013.
Strategic planning in Edinburgh Scotland 2013.
Member Keith Whiriskey at the Edinburgh Castle (Edinburgh Scotland 2013).
Members Ivan Pearson, Chris Severson-Baker and Kurt Walter (Edinburgh Scotland 2013).
Member Chris Littlecott, University of Edinburgh's Dr. Leslie Mabon, and Member Olivia Kember (Edinburgh Scotland 2013).
Member Chris Littlecott shows ENGO European report during panel presentation (Edinburgh Scotland 2013).
Top left two photos from 2012 First Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA (USA). Other photos from 2013 Second Annual Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK).
Group meeting and dinner, conference social and conference program at the 2014 Third Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas (USA).